Drain Replacement Project

Sometimes, where there is excessive damage to the drain and it is not possible to repair it, our engineers can replace pipework accordingly. Different locations, such as driveways, patios, gardens, pavements and even inside buildings can need drain replacement or repair which our experts will do it perfectly and we will always do our very best to keep costs and disruption down, without ever compromising on safety or quality of work.

The drain repair experts

We know that structural repairs for a drain can be messy and uncomfortable. It’s hard to know whom to trust to access and repair the drain and ensure a professional job is done. We can find the exact part of the drain which needs repairing, meaning a minimum amount of disruption, and we can also contact with insurance companies where necessary. In short you can trust us to do a good job for you.

Quality as standard

Our super professional drain replacement engineers are well-qualified, fully insured and pride themselves on the high quality of their work. They guide you through the work they’re doing in every stage, explain any gas examination options in full and always tidy up when they finish the job. Moreover, all parts and labour come with a full guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

Need a blockage cleared?

Blocked or damaged drains can cause several numbers of problems; as well as being always impediment, they can result in unpleasant smell and may put you at risk of flooding. It is sometimes hard to find out what the cause of the blockage is and where it is located. However, our expert engineers are skilled in cleaning, clearing, replacing and repairing all sorts of blockages. They will be able to fix the problem promptly and effectively, as well as offer advice and guidance in order to minimise the opportunity of the problem rehappen. In most of the cases blockages will be cleared within an hour, getting you and your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Drain replacement at commercial and tenanted properties

We also clean, fix or replace drains at commercial properties, such as offices, showrooms, public houses and restaurants. Are you a landlord who has a drain problem at your tenanted property? Let us deal with all the hassle. we can book your engineer, talk to your tenants and take care of everything for you today.

How we work

Step One

Give us a call or book a job online, tell us the problem and let us see how we can help.

Step Two

We’ll confirm your appointment and send out a Expert Directory Ltd expert to your property as quickly as possible.

Step Three

An experienced, fully trained and equipped engineer will get straight to work, completing the job quickly and efficiently.